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Image by Jan Huber


I ask big questions with curiosity and compassion

My Approach

My intention is to hold space for you to connect to what matters to you and make choices aligned with your values and vision for the future.


My style is to co-create a pathway with you through these questions toward your personal and professional goals. I hold space for you to show up as you are and be in choice about where we go together and how we get there. 


I believe that as we become more embodied, justice and collective liberation become more possible. As a White, queer, non-binary, somatic coach with able-bodied privilege, I integrate an understanding of systemic oppression into the work, knowing that many different challenges we face are rooted in these systems. I believe that turning toward these systems within ourselves is essential to the process of dismantling them within societies.

What is somatic coaching?

Somatic coaching is an affirming and emergent process and partnership for clients to embody and fulfill their commitments to emotional, social, and spiritual transformation—the ability to take new actions aligned with your purpose, even under the same pressures.

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My Work


I will support you to identify your goals for our work together. In each session, we will welcome the content and challenges arising at that time while also relating it back to your overall goals for personal transformation.


I offer small group coaching usually around a specific topic for 6-12 weeks in duration. Groups are a great way to work on a specific goal area while doing it in community with a common purpose and supportive container. 


I support teams and small organizations to identify a shared vision and goals and create a pathway forward. Our work together will typically include a mixture of group work and 1-on-1 coaching and will address topics such as leadership, boundaries, and culture.




Somatic Coaching Certification Program, Strozzi Institute, 2022

Professional Certified Coach (PCC) Accreditation, International Coaching Federation, in progress

Somatic Trauma Therapy Certificate, The Embody Lab, 2022

I see clients virtually worldwide.

If you are in the Seattle area and interested in in-person sessions, please email me to explore options. 


I offer 55-minute sessions at sliding scale rates.


Rates will be listed in the group descriptions, when available.


Teams and organizations

Rates available after initial scoping conversation.


“I feel softer, more open, more real. I feel more aware of my body and the shapes my feelings take. It was good to take time to slow down and hold space for the bigger feelings, and it helped me be intentional with my time and goals.”

- Group participant


“Em created an environment that made it possible to deeply tap in to myself. They facilitated an experience that helped me name and prioritize the things that would help me return to center despite the chaos that we’re constantly bombarded with.”

- Moji I.


"The Embodied Action Lab (EAL) transformed the way I make major life decisions. I have traditionally agonized over pros and cons and struggled to identify what I really want, often operating from a place of scarcity. When evaluating a recent job opportunity, I referred back to the work I did with EAL and it helped me make an integrated decision from a centered place of integrity and abundance. I found it extremely helpful to do visioning work outside of a specific life decision so that I could be authentic and my vision expansive. Em has created a wonderful space where people can be vulnerable and guided by personal truths."

- KW


"We are often so disconnected from our bodies in our work: remembering we are whole people is critical to combatting burn-out and moving through the world with integrity. Embodied Action Lab represents a space and opportunity to serve that need for those in environmental/culture-shifting work, but is one that people don't necessarily know they need, yet. I see it as a type of self-care that will only become more imperative."

- Kelsey Z.


"In just a few hours, they helped us understand our collective center, how it builds from our individual centers, and how it provides the foundation for our best work together."

- Scott R

If you're interested in learning more and potentially working together, I offer a 30-minute complimentary consultation call for you to see whether it's a good fit. Start the process by completing the form below.

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